Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and durability with our revolutionary thick single-layer coating, leaving traditional ceramic coatings in the dust.

Invest in the ultimate protection for your car and enjoy the unparalleled benefits that only Revivify SH Lite can provide.



Professional Use Only

Optional care cards. Maximum 1 per bottle.

Optional mirror hanger. Maximum 1 per bottle.


Introducing REVIVIfy Self-Healing Lite: The Future of Automotive Paint Protection Coating

REVIVIfy SH Lite is a revolutionary single-layer coating that takes automotive paint protection coating to a whole new level. Outperforming traditional ceramic coatings, our cutting-edge product uses patent-pending SiOX technology to deliver exceptional adhesion and unbeatable protection for your vehicle’s paint.

Thick Single-Layer Protection: REVIVIfy SH Lite’s groundbreaking formula provides a robust single-layer coating that is 3-4 times thicker than traditional ceramic coatings. This superior thickness offers enhanced durability and resistance, safeguarding your vehicle’s paint like never before.

Unrivaled Gloss and Shine: Experience a mirror-like finish with the unparalleled gloss and shine offered by REVIVIfy SH Lite. Our advanced formula ensures your car’s paint will look pristine and remain vibrant for years to come.

Enhanced Hydrophobic Properties: While no coating can completely eliminate water spots if neglected, REVIVIfy SH Lite significantly reduces the chances of water spot etching into your car’s paint. Our advanced formula boasts outstanding hydrophobic properties that repel water, dirt, and grime, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer periods of time and minimizing the risk of unsightly water spots.

Unmatched Chemical Resistance: Protect your car’s paint from harsh environmental factors and chemical contaminants. REVIVIfy SH Lite’s superior chemical resistance safeguards your vehicle from damage, ensuring it stays in pristine condition.

100% UV Resistance: Sun damage is no longer a concern with REVIVIfy SH Lite. Our innovative formula offers complete UV resistance, guaranteeing your car’s paint remains undamaged and immune to fading and oxidation caused by the sun’s harmful rays.

Impressive Anti-Graffiti Properties: Defend your vehicle against vandalism with REVIVIfy SH Lite’s excellent anti-graffiti properties. Our innovative coating makes it difficult for paint and other substances to adhere to the surface, allowing for easy removal and maintaining your car’s immaculate appearance.

Innovative Self-Healing Technology: REVIVIfy SH Lite features cutting-edge self-healing technology that automatically repairs light scratches when exposed to heat. This groundbreaking feature keeps your paintwork looking like new, preserving your vehicle’s flawless appearance.

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