REVIVIfy Inorganic SH X is the ultimate choice for consumers seeking the best and thickest protective layer for their vehicles. With its remarkable ability to enhance the performance of our Self-Healing coatings, SH X provides an unparalleled level of protection, durability, and self-healing capabilities. Choose REVIVIfy SH X and give your vehicle the premium protection it deserves.

REVIVIfy SH X is an inorganic layer that needs to be used in conjunction with another REVIVIfy Self Heal nano-coating.


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Professional Use Only

Optional care cards. Maximum 1 per bottle.

Optional mirror hanger. Maximum 1 per bottle.


Our latest innovation, the SH X inorganic base coat, is specifically designed for consumers seeking the highest level of protection and thickest coating for their vehicles. This groundbreaking product, when combined with one of our Self-Healing (SH) coatings, offers unparalleled durability, protection, and self-healing capabilities.

Why a Thicker Coat Matters

A thicker coat of protective material on your vehicle offers several advantages, including:

  1. Superior Self-Healing: A thicker coat allows for better self-healing performance. When combined with our SH coatings, the advanced formulation of SH X enables your vehicle’s surface to recover more rapidly from minor damage such as scratches, scuffs, and chips.
  2. Enhanced Durability: Thicker coatings are more resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting protection for your vehicle against various environmental and physical threats.
  3. Increased Resistance: A thicker coat helps your vehicle withstand harsh elements, including UV rays, extreme temperatures, and corrosive substances, preserving its appearance and value over time.
  4. Improved Appearance: A thicker coating can provide a smoother, more uniform surface finish, contributing to your vehicle’s overall aesthetics.
  5. Greater Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle is protected by a thicker coat from REVIVIfy SH X will give you greater confidence, as you can trust in the product’s superior self-healing capabilities.

Experience the Superior Self-Healing of REVIVIfy SH X

REVIVIfy SH X’s thicker coat is designed to work in tandem with our SH coatings, providing an unbeatable level of protection and self-healing performance for your vehicle. By choosing SH X as your base coat, you can expect:

  • Faster recovery from minor damage
  • Improved durability and longevity for your vehicle’s surface
  • A smoother, more attractive finish
  • Enhanced resistance against various environmental and physical threats

For After Care & Warranty, please visit here.


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