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Advanced state-of-the-art nanotechnology

Re-defining the automotive paint protection industry, REVIVIfy’s cutting-edge nanotechnology provides exceptional features that others can only aspire to achieve.

thick layer technology

Expertly crafted to offer a genuine single, thick layer and minimize application mistakes, our formula guarantees consistent results with each and every application.

3d structure

Experience a nanotechnology breakthrough with our patent-pending SI0x, enabling exceptional adhesion on a variety of surfaces including paint, PPF, steel, chrome, vinyl, and glass.

superior durability

Securing total adhesion to the surface and offering 100% UV resistance combined with remarkable chemical resistance, our product has been thoroughly evaluated and confirmed by SGS.

proprietary formulas

Designed with detailers at the forefront, REVIVIfy delivers an incredibly user-friendly application experience, eliminating the hassle of dealing with high-spots.

curing process

At temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius, the hydrophobic and self-healing features become active within one hour, and it takes a full 72 hours for these properties to be completely cured.

self healing technology

Activated by heat, hot air, or hot water, the coating is capable of infinite restoration from minor scratches and swirl marks, without any limitations on the number of times it can repair itself.

Join the REvivify Certified Network and be a part of the revolution.

Don’t hesitate—join the REVIVIfy self-healing coating revolution and start safeguarding your clients’ vehicles with the most exceptional Self-Healing coating available on the market!

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