Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Business Partners)

Will an IR (Infrared) Lamp decrease curing time?

Infrared Lamps will speed up the curing of the coating, in turn reducing the curing time.

What is the recommended temperature for an IR lamp?

To prevent damages to other components of the vehicle, such as plastic and rubber pieces, the suggested operating temperature for the IR Lamp should be set to 90 degrees Celsius.

For reference, the coating will achieve 100% curing in 60 seconds under 250 degrees Celsius environment.  Upon curing, the coating can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius.

What is the material percentage of SiO2?

Si02 (Silicon Dioxide) is a core compound within the ceramic coating, but due to proprietary reasons, the formula cannot be disclosed.  However, one can noticed that the coating is relatively viscous compared to other types of products on the market.  The product contains roughly 60% of solid content.

What is the thickness of one layer of coating?

The minimum thickness of a single layer of coating would be a minimum of 5 microns (if applied correctly), up to approximately 10 microns.

What is the ideal application temperature?

Between 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Can Revivify Coatings be applied to a single stage paint?

Revivify Coatings* can be applied onto any surfaces, its application is not limited by the type of material.

Can Revivify Coatings be applied to a gelcoat such as boats?

Yes, Revivify Coatings* can be applied onto surfaces that one would like to protect.

How often should the coating receive maintenance and what is required in the process?

The maintenance schedule depends on the environment the coating is exposed to.  It is recommended that the coating to be maintained every 6 months for optimal performance.  Revivify Coatings are based out of Silicon Oxides. (SiOx), it is a type of polymer that utilizes alternating silicon and nitrogen atoms as the core backbone.  During the curing process, NH3 (Ammonia) is released from the reaction and the SiOx nanostructure layer forms,  This type of bond adheres to various materials extremely well including but not limited to automotive paint, Polycarbonates (PC), Polyethylene (PET), Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), metals, ceramics, and wood.


*Revivify professional grade products only. If you are unsure, please inquire with your Revivify representative.

Frequently Asked Question (Vehicle Owners)

Where can I purchase Revivify products?

You can contact any one of our Partners to inquire about our products.  See our Partner Locations page for more details.

Can I apply Revivify Coatings on my own?

No, only an authorized Partner or a Certified PRO Partner can install Revivify Products.  See our Partner Locations page for more details.

Where can I find a Certified Installer?

You can find the list of our Certified Installer in the “Partner Locations” section on our webpage here.

What are the best methods for keeping the vehicle clean?

Please see our maintenance guide in our warranty package for further details.

Do I need to apply wax and sealant after a wash?

As the ceramic coating is bonded to the paint surface upon application, it is not required to apply wax or sealant to the coated surfaces.

Is there a need for me to polish the surface?

Polishes contain abrasive contents which will cause damage to the coating layer.  After the coating has been applied to the paint surface, polishing is not recommended as it is not required.

How long will the coating last?

The longevity of the product will depend on the environment that the vehicle is mostly exposed to.  In order to achieve optimal performance, proper maintenance is necessary.  Please see our maintenance guide in our warranty package for further details.

Will Revivify Coating protect the paint from swirls and scratch marks?

The ceramic coating is not invulnerable, but it will prevent scratches and swirl marks from hand washing using our recommended cleaning methods.  Our Self Heal Pro product will self-heal on its own in the event of light scratches and swirls under heated conditions.

What about bird droppings and tar?

Similar to swirls and scratch marks, the coating will minimize the damage but it is not invulnerable.  Treating these contaminants correctly will ensure the surface stay slick for as long as possible. See our maintenance guide in our warranty package for further details.

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