Experience enhanced automotive paint protection with Revivify Self-Healing Pro.

Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and durability with our advanced, thicker coating with double the solids, leaving traditional ceramic coatings behind.

Invest in long-lasting protection for your car and enjoy the unparalleled benefits that only Revivify SH Pro can provide.


Professional Use Only

Optional care cards. Maximum 1 per bottle.

Optional mirror hanger. Maximum 1 per bottle.


Introducing REVIVIfy SH Pro: Long-lasting and Thicker Automotive Paint Protection Coating with Double the Solids

REVIVIfy SH Pro is our advanced coating designed for those seeking enhanced longevity and protection for their vehicle’s paint.  With double the solid content and a thicker layer compared to our SH Lite formula, SH Pro offers extended durability, ensuring your vehicle remains well-protected for up to 4 years with proper maintenance.

Thicker Coating with Double the Solids for Maximum Protection: REVIVIfy SH Pro boasts a robust and thicker formula with double the solid content compared to SH Lite, significantly outperforming traditional ceramic coatings.  This advanced coating provides long-lasting protection for up to 4 years, safeguarding your vehicle’s paint and ensuring it stays in pristine condition.  The thicker layer not only offers better protection against environmental hazards and contaminants but also enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle’s paint.

Superior Self-Healing Technology: REVIVIfy SH Pro features cutting-edge self-healing technology that automatically repairs light scratches when exposed to heat.  The increased thickness and double the solids content of SH Pro further improve its self-healing capabilities, ensuring your paintwork stays looking like new and preserving your vehicle’s flawless appearance.

In addition to the benefits shared with REVIVIfy SH Lite, such as unrivaled gloss and shine, enhanced hydrophobic properties, unmatched chemical resistance, 100% UV resistance, and impressive anti-graffiti properties, REVIVIfy SH Pro offers extended protection, durability, and thicker coating with double the solids for customers seeking longer-lasting paint protection coating.

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