In addition to the benefits shared with REVIVIfy SH Lite and SH Pro, such as unrivaled hydrophobic properties, 100% UV resistance, and impressive anti-graffiti properties.

REVIVIfy SH Ultra takes paint protection to the cutting edge with its increased solid content, superior self-healing performance, and unmatched gloss and depth.


Professional Use Only

Optional care cards. Maximum 1 per bottle.

Optional mirror hanger. Maximum 1 per bottle.


Introducing REVIVIfy Self-Healing Ultra: The Cutting-Edge of Automotive Paint Protection Coating

REVIVIfy SH Ultra is our top-of-the-line, high-end coating designed for those who demand the absolute best for their vehicle’s paint.  With double the solid content and active ingredients compared to our SH Pro formula, SH Ultra offers unmatched durability, ensuring your vehicle remains impeccably protected for up to 5 years with proper maintenance.

Unparalleled Gloss and Depth: REVIVIfy SH Ultra takes paint protection to new heights, providing a gloss and depth that is truly unparalleled in the industry.  Our premium formula makes your paint look so deep and rich that it appears as if you could dive into it.  Experience a breathtaking, show-quality finish like never before with the exceptional gloss and depth offered by REVIVIfy SH Ultra.

Superior Chemical Resistance and Self-Healing: With double the solid content and active ingredients compared to SH Pro, REVIVIfy SH Ultra boasts superior chemical resistance and self-healing capabilities.  This advanced coating ensures your vehicle’s paint stays protected from harsh environmental factors and contaminants while maintaining its flawless appearance by automatically repairing light scratches when exposed to heat.

Long-lasting Protection for 5 Years: Invest in the ultimate protection for your vehicle with REVIVIfy SH Ultra.  Our high-end coating is engineered to withstand the test of time, lasting up to 5 years with proper maintenance.  Ensure your vehicle’s paint remains in pristine condition and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with long-lasting protection.

Experience cutting-edge automotive paint protection with REVIVIfy SH Ultra.  Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and durability with our groundbreaking, top-of-the-line coating, leaving all other paint protection options in the dust.  Invest in the ultimate protection for your car and enjoy the unparalleled benefits that only REVIVIfy SH Ultra can provide.

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