November 13, 2020

[YA. WA] Difference between Revivify’s Polysilazane and Polysiloxane used in other nano coatings?

Besides having the ability to self heal, the other main difference is Polysilazane vs Polysiloxane. Polysilazanes are polymers in which silicon and nitrogen atoms alternate to form the basic backbone. Without going further on explaining what polysilazane is (please google for more details), let’s point out some key points on what is better!

  • Better Heat resistance
  • Better Chemical resistance
  • Better Gloss level
  • Better Water contact angle
  • Better Durability
  • Better Adhesion and cross-linking

We have had a few installers tested Revivify up against some of the leading brand professional grade coatings in terms of chemical tolerance (pH 0 and pH 12+) and Revivify came out stronger.

Polysilazane is much more expensive and creating a formulation (with strong chemical resistance, super-hydrophobic, gloss, etc) is much more complicated than polysiloxane. In other words, while we are starting to see more and more manufacturers using polysilazane, their formulations are still not well balanced.

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