[YOU Asked. WE Answer. Series]

Have you guys [Revivify] done any testing on your coatings to support your claims? – FB Inquiry

OH YES we have! We do not manufacture our coatings “Breaking Bad style” and it is not a necessity for us to disclose this information to the general public. Since YOU Asked, WE’LL Answer! Bear in mind, we may not be the best marketing company out there, but we will try to be the most transparent brand and manufacturer.

Back in the early R&D stages, our team submitted our finalized version of our base serum to SGS Lab to conduct third party testing on 174 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). SGS is “a world leader in testing with over 140 years’ of experience providing a broad range of services to clients around the globe”. They have testing facilities around the world so they know what they are doing and not just the “regular Joe” playing with test tubes and beakers in their garage.

Our base serum, which is the predecessor of our Self Heal and Self Heal PRO coating, have passed the 174 Substances of Very High Concern confirmatory test with no detection of any of the 174 substances found on the sample piece that was coated with Revivify Coating.

In addition, Material & Engineering Laboratory perform testing for Chemical Resistance and Adhesion by Tape Test. Test results yield that sample coated with Revivify coating has “no abnormality, even immersed in acid” and “no abnormality, even immersed in alkali.” Adhesion by Tape Test yield a result of 5B which has 0% area removed (refer to chart) from “the surface of cross-cut area from which flaking has occurred for six parallel cuts and adhesion range”. So there you guys have it!

For more information, feel free to inquire with any of our authorized Revivify locations or stay tuned for more “YOU Asked, WE Answer. Series” posts!