Revivify is a Si0x nanotechnology coating that is unlike “9H ceramic coatings” in the market. While most ceramic coating companies are boasting “harder is better” mentality, Revivify is more about being hard enough to offer the protection we need, but adds a silicon, flexible, surface you won’t find in the traditional “Ceramic Coating” products being sold today.

An example to take a good hard look at is PPF (paint protection film) which is not hard at all and is actually soft and flexible, but yet offers a level of paint protection that cannot be matched by any “Ceramic Coating” being sold today. Paint protection film can withstand and repel the impact of small projectiles and provide a level of protection superior in the paint protection category. Paint protection film is about 30X thicker than our single one layer coating.

This is where the advantage of Revivify coating comes in. While being “hard enough” to offer resistance against very light scratches and “flexible” enough to allow self-healing if light scratches do occur this is a superior, advanced level of protection you just do not experience in our traditional ceramic coatings.

As consumers are becoming more aware that 9H is rated by a pencil hardness scale, and not the Mohs Scale it’s time we take a good hard look at what we are selling and applying to our clients prized vehicles. No matter how they market all these “Ceramic Coatings” are still very vulnerable to light scratching, washing scratches and the wrath of mother nature.

Once you experience the ease of application, high performance, amazing and unmatched cosmetic appearance, and amazing customer satisfaction that Revivify has to offer, you’ll never look back, and makes it a lot easier to be confident you’re offering your clients the best in class.