[YA.WA. Series] How are Revivify Self Heal Nano Coatings Different?

Revivify is a Si0x nanotechnology coating that is unlike “9H ceramic coatings” in the market. While most ceramic coating companies are boasting “harder is better” mentality, Revivify is more about being hard enough to offer the protection we need, but adds a silicon, flexible, surface you won’t find in the traditional “Ceramic Coating” products being […]

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[YA. WA] Difference between Revivify’s Si0X and other ceramic coatings?

Besides having the ability to self heal, the other main difference is Si0x vs ceramic coatings. Si0x are polymers in which silicon and nitrogen atoms alternate to form the basic backbone. Without going further on explaining what Si0x is (patent pending…), let’s point out some key points on what is better! Better Heat resistance Better […]

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Our Revivify Coatings are recorded on CarFax/CarProof!

Another reason to choose Revivify Self Heal Nano Coatings! Your Revivify coating record will go on CarFax/CarProof as we have linked our databases. If two identical cars are presented to you and the only difference between the two is that one records shows it’s been properly coated and the other has no records of the […]


[YA.WA. Series] Any testing on your coatings to support your claim?

[YOU Asked. WE Answer. Series] Have you guys [Revivify] done any testing on your coatings to support your claims? – FB Inquiry OH YES we have! We do not manufacture our coatings “Breaking Bad style” and it is not a necessity for us to disclose this information to the general public. Since YOU Asked, WE’LL […]

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[YA.WA. Series] Difference Between 9H/10H Ceramic Coating VS Revivify Self Heal Nano Coatings?

[YOU Asked. WE Answer. Series] We get asked a lot what is the difference between conventional 9H/10H hardness coating and our Revivify Self Heal Coatings. Aside from the key benefits of our coatings being ultra gloss, ultra slick, ultra hardness, and ultra hydrophobic, below are some brief differentiating factors between our coatings and the conventional […]

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