February 27, 2020

[YA.WA. Series] Difference Between 9H/10H Ceramic Coating VS Revivify Self Heal Nano Coatings?

[YOU Asked. WE Answer. Series]

We get asked a lot what is the difference between conventional 9H/10H hardness coating and our Revivify Self Heal Coatings. Aside from the key benefits of our coatings being ultra gloss, ultra slick, ultra hardness, and ultra hydrophobic, below are some brief differentiating factors between our coatings and the conventional 9H/10H coatings.

Conventional 9H/10H Coatings

  • Yesterday’s technology
  • Reduce/minimize swirls from wiping only
  • Scratch on coating is permanent, polishing and reapplication of topcoat will be needed (cost $)
  • Ceramic coatings provide “OK” protection against waterspot
  • Bird droppings may etch the coating and require polishing and reapplication

Revivify Self Heal Coatings

  • Advance SiOx cross-link nanostructure layer technology
  • Anti-Scratch Protection with self-healing capabilities
  • If the coating is scratched, it will restore back up to its original state with heat
  • Provides better protection against waterspot
  • If bird dropping etches the coating. Heat source activated will restore the affected surface back to its original state.

Got more questions or would want more details? Feel free to inquire with our Revivify certified locations or send us a contact form!

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