REVIVIfy Graphene SH PRO

Revivify’s Graphene Self-Healing Pro Coating with SiOx technology is the ultimate solution for preserving your vehicle’s appearance, depth of paint, and value.

Experience the future of automotive surface protection with unmatched gloss, durability, and superior anti-graffiti and anti-abrasion performance.

Choose Revivify Graphene SH Pro today and elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics and protection to new heights.

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Professional Use Only

Optional care cards. Maximum 1 per bottle.

Optional mirror hanger. Maximum 1 per bottle.


REVIVIfy, a pioneer brand in automotive surface protection, proudly presents the Graphene Self-Healing Pro Coating for automobiles.  This innovative product features our proprietary patent pending SiOx technology, designed for extreme adhesion and bonding to any surface.  Our revolutionary formula offers unmatched gloss, depth of paint, and superior protection against the elements, including super hydrophobic, water-repellent, anti-chemical corrosion-resistant properties.  Additionally, REVIVIfy Graphene SH Pro Coating boasts superior anti-graffiti and anti-abrasion performance.

Superior Anti-Graffiti Performance:

REVIVIfy Graphene SH Pro Coating outshines non-graphene coatings with its exceptional anti-graffiti properties.  The unique characteristics of graphene in our coating create a robust barrier that resists graffiti, making it easy to remove paint, markers, and other common graffiti materials without damaging the vehicle’s paintwork.  This added protection preserves the pristine appearance of your car and reduces the potential costs of graffiti removal and repairs.

Enhanced Anti-Abrasion Performance:

REVIVIfy Graphene SH Pro Coating also offers superior anti-abrasion capabilities compared to traditional non-graphene coatings.  By incorporating graphene into our formula, we’ve created a more robust and resilient barrier that protects your vehicle’s surface against scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear.  This enhanced resistance ensures your car’s paintwork remains flawless and retains its value for an extended period.


Key Benefits of REVIVIfy’s Graphene SH Pro Coating:

  1. Unmatched Gloss and Depth of Paint: Our innovative formula delivers a show-stopping, high-gloss finish that highlights the depth of your vehicle’s paint.
  2. Super Hydrophobic and Water Repellent: The coating’s advanced hydrophobic properties make cleaning and maintenance a breeze while preventing water spots and staining.
  3. Anti-Chemical Corrosion and Resistance: Our coating offers exceptional protection against harsh chemicals, pollutants, and environmental contaminants, preserving your vehicle’s paintwork and value.
  4. Extreme Adhesion with SiOx Technology: Our proprietary SiOx technology ensures superior bonding capabilities, allowing the coating to adhere to any automotive surface for long-lasting protection.
  5. Advanced Self-Healing Properties: REVIVIfy Graphene SH Pro Coating is formulated with nanotechnology that restores minor scratches and abrasions, maintaining a flawless surface over time.
  6. Superior Anti-Graffiti Performance: The unique graphene properties in our coating provide exceptional resistance to graffiti, making it easy to remove paint, markers, and other materials without damaging your vehicle’s paintwork.
  7. Enhanced Anti-Abrasion Performance: Our graphene-infused coating offers superior protection against scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear, ensuring your car’s paintwork remains flawless and retains its value.

What is REVIVIfy Graphene Coating?

REVIVIfy Graphene SH Pro is a high-performance, nanotechnology-based coating specifically formulated for automotive applications.  It harnesses the unique properties of graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, known for its incredible strength, flexibility, and conductivity.  The result is an ultra-thin, durable, and flexible coating that offers outstanding protection for your vehicle’s paintwork against various environmental factors and potential damages.

The secret to REVIVIfy Graphene SH Pro’s impressive performance lies in its graphene-infused formula.  Graphene’s unique atomic structure allows it to form a flexible, yet strong lattice when applied to the paintwork.  This creates a self-healing and protective barrier that can withstand and recover from minor abrasions and environmental aggressors.

When exposed to heat, either from sunlight or a heat source like a hairdryer, the coating’s molecular structure rearranges and flows to fill in scratches and swirl marks.  Once the heat source is removed, the coating solidifies, leaving the surface smooth and restored.


Video produced by our dealer, Speed Projects Laboratory, in BC, Canada.

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